About us

The „Mázli” cake shop is a customer – oriented company, where your individual ideas and dreams come true. We exactly know that the highlight of birthday parties or other celebrations is always the cake. „Everyone is the same, but different” – as the saying goes. So that’s why it is worth spending some time to think about, what kind of cake would fit the personality and the taste of our celebrated friend or relative or the occasion.
We also thought of people who prefer healthy nutrition. Taking the aspects of healthy nutrition into consideration we offer you cakes made from healthy ingredients. We are convinced that it is always necessary to develop, so we try hard to enrich our offer and to delight our costumers with more and more tasty flavors and interesting and unique design.

True story about a girl who believed in her dreams. – „You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Gandhi

There was once a girl who was always very creative. As a child she surprised her family with tiny little sweeties. She could be 6, when she made her first „creation”: she took two cookies and stuck them together with a self-made chocolate cream and than she hit them into the built-in wardrobe so that her family can’t find them before the right time. It also couldn’t be a coincidence, that her signal in the nursery – school was the wooden spoon. Grown-up she had been looking for the opportunity for a long time, how to gratify her creative instinct. She found herself in confectioner’s trade. In 2011 she got a certificate and it was not just a hobby anymore. Because she was found of sports she started to find out

Her thirst for knowledge couldn’t be relieved. In 2012 she got an other certificate, this time as a diet pastry cook. She kept practicing, experimenting, and in the end she could open her own cake shop to delight other people with her creations too.